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We combine production with sustainability and fairness. We also have this audited and are one of the first major European textile printers to be certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Furthermore, we work closely with suppliers of the Fair Wear Fondation to offer you a sustainable product from cultivation to finishing.


Brandtale is GOTS certified as a part of Textildruck Europa GmbH.

This standard for organic textiles guarantees a sustainable textile from the cultivation of the raw materials to the finished product. No toxic substances are used and fair working conditions are maintained which is verified regularly and independently.

part of the textiles is GOTS certified

We do our best to reuse waste directly. Whether as a cleaning cloth or test-printing material, no textile is thrown away with us.
We use only PVC-free products and auxiliaries. Neither our dyes nor the ecologically degradable solvents contain the harmful substance.
oeko-tex standard 100
Every textile we use and print meets the requirements of Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and the materials and dyes do not contain any harmful substances.
We focus on sustainability and a healthy environment. Therefore, we work with state-of-the-art and energy-saving machines and use an internal heat recovery cycle.

we are...

Breaking with conventions, offering people-, environment- and customer-friendly products. COMFORT, SUSTAINABILITY and QUALITY. This is what Stanley/Stella stands for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since its launch in 2012, Stanley / Stella has focused on simplicity, highlighting the essence of the garment. The driving force of its founder Jean Chabert: to break codes, be a game changer who reinvents fashion for a better world.
We want to inspire positive change through our collections and partners from our communities, offering products that  respect  people, the environment and the customers. 
We aim at producing more  authentic  and more  responsible clothes that you are proud to wear and sell. Pieces that initiate change in the textile industry, made in a more human, ethical and ecological way. 
Our planet faces huge environmental, social, and economic challenges. The fashion industry has a duty to respond to these challenges and to changing needs around the world.  Sustainability and care for our planet and its people have always been at the heart of Stanley/Stella’s activities.  
Together with our employees, suppliers, and Official Dealers, we aspire to form a community of like-minded individuals, driven by the common desire to positively impact both the Stanley/Stella ecosystem and our industry. 
The Stanley/Stella Charter, launched in 2022, is our guiding framework which represents what we stand for as a company in the garment industry. It articulates our commitment to addressing critical environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in our area of influence, and outlines the ten core principles that guide our behaviour and inspire the entire Stanley/Stella community to care about our planet and its people.