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You decide what you want to do, whether you want to print a few T-shirts or start your own fashion brand.

We stand by your side and provide you with one of the highest-quality prints in Germany.

From a simple printed t-shirt...
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to a sustainable fashion brand.
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Case Studies

Latest project:

25th year anniversary
splash! 2023

Jack & Sam

Podcast duo

We’re thrilled to be Jack & Sam’s official merchandise printer.

With their online shop and merch-drops, we bring their vision to life. Our in-house production ensures high-quality, customized products based on order quantity. From t-shirts to stickers, we capture their unique brand and delight their fans. With precision and care, we print each item using top-notch techniques. Monitoring orders closely, we minimize waste and provide a seamless experience. We take pride in supporting Jack & Sam’s podcast, connecting with their audience through exceptional merchandise.


Together, we create a tangible way for fans to engage.

Tommy Kay

Streamer & Content Creator

We specialize in high-quality merch collections for TommyKay. From production to storage and online distribution, we handle it all. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures each item is crafted to perfection. With secure storage and streamlined shipping, TommyKay’s fans worldwide can proudly represent their support. Entrust us with the operational aspects while TommyKay engages his audience. We provide a seamless experience, ensuring timely delivery and leaving a lasting impression.