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WHAT we offer

Software Solution & In-house Production For Print-on-Demand

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Affordable Pricing

No up-font- & Fix-costs

We offer the best prices in the print-on-demand sector, without compromising on quality. With our competitive pricing, we make it easy for businesses to offer customized and personalized textile products without breaking the bank.

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No Middlemen

Direct Contact to producer

 We offer direct contact to the producer, ensuring clear and efficient communication throughout the entire production process. This direct connection enables us to quickly address any issues or concerns and make necessary adjustments, resulting in a smoother and more successful print-on-demand operation for our clients.

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Industry-leading Quality

Cutting-Edge Technology

With our cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide high-quality customized, and personalized products to our clients quickly and efficiently. By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements, we ensure that you receive the best possible results.

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Manual Order

1. Sign-up

You can create an account without paying anything and start using our platform in no time. Join us today!

2. Product selection

Customize your product with sizes, and colors and upload your design.

3. Transfer it to your shop

Upload your configured products to your favorite e-commerce shop &  offer your customers a wide range of high-quality products!

4. Leave it with us

Our automated system will take care of receipt, production, and fulfillment of your orders within 48 hours. You can easily track the progress of your orders to stay updated. Sit back, relax, and let us handle everything for you!

5. time to scale

It’s time for scaling! We handle production and fulfillment while offering discount tiers that can save you up to 7% in addition to our competitive price.


You want it, we've got it!

Our list of some of our long-standing & trusted partners. Thanks to them, we can offer you a variety of textiles that you can have printed with cool designs.


Monthly Costs? Not with us!

Brandtale Express

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  • Quick & Easy
  • Without any obligations or MOQ
  • 3 price categories (Budget, Premium & Organic)


No extra fees
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  • Only Production Costs
  • Over 1,300+ SKUs
  • Printed In Germany


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